Pedal Moraine offers a variety of services to suit all your cycling needs.

Our professional service technicians are on hand every day to answer questions, offer quotes or do minor adjustments on the fly. Each of our mechanics are fully-trained to handle all your technical needs.

Whether your are a beginner or semi-pro cyclist, our sales staff is ready to assist you in finding the correct products to meet your needs. Members of our staff are specially trained to fit your bike to your very personal riding style to ensure maximum performance and comfort.

At Pedal Moraine we understand that your budget is very important when considering a new bike. Our Used Bike Trade-In Program and Kids Bike Trade-Up Program are designed to help you find quality bikes for all the members of your family, young and old.

We know what it’s like not to be able to park in your own garage over the winter. Or to host a party for family at your apartment because your bikes are cluttering the living room. Our Pedal Moraine exclusive Winter Storage Program is a great service for those who have several bikes need to be stored over the winter.

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