About Us

Pedal Moraine Cycle And Fitness is a full-service bicycle shop that has been serving the West Bend and surrounding area since 1991. Our knowledgeable sales and service staff are dedicated to providing you with quality products and detailed service. Cycling is not just our passion, its our way of life.


Mark has been in a bike shop sharing his passion for bikes with customers, cyclists and friends since 1999.  He enjoys exploring the Kettle Moraine roads on his Trek Emonda, mountain biking on Wisconsin’s amazing off-road trails on his Trek Farley and taking it easy on Eisenbahn Trail riding with his family.

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Store Manager

Gregory has been in the bicycle industry since 2006 and is also a professional bike fitter. He enjoys travelling to the mountains to explore new, challenging trails and go on mountain bike adventures. Here in Wisconsin he puts miles on his road bike through the Kettle Moraine. He is always excited to share his bicycle experiences and help you to find yours.

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